Hello, I’m Pip

I’m a 40-something (just) Mum, business owner, wife, make-up lover, fashion dabbler, miniature schnauzer owner, worrier, caravan owner, stress-head, crocheter and a variety of other things depending on the day.

I guess I’m a bit of a later starter:  met my husband at 35, started my business at 36 and had my gorgeous son at 40 (that’s another story…).

I work with bloggers and vloggers a lot through my business so thought it was time I had a go myself. The experts on Instagram say you need a ‘clear strategy’ and ‘business objective’ to build up gazillions of followers.  I guess I just want to reflect an honest picture of the juggling act that is my life: not just the curated, beautiful moments but some of the less gorgeous bits too.  I’m pretty sure it’ll be good for me and, you never know, it might be good for someone else too.

Why Long Lashes and Laughter Lines?  Well, my eyelashes are probably one of the few parts of my body I’m truly comfortable with. They are pretty long. My laughter lines are part of me: a sign that I’ve been lucky enough to have loads of happy times.



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